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幸运飞艇技巧绝杀:Outsourcing Funds Frequently Asked Funds

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内容摘要: Since March 17, 2017, we have issued new regulations for the supervision of outsourcing custom funds. Although the outsourcing of public fu...

Since March 17, 2017, we have issued new regulations for the supervision of outsourcing custom funds. Although the outsourcing of public funds has cooled down significantly, due to the persistence of institutional outsourcing, we have continued to establish outsourcing custom funds this year.

According to statistics from the China Securities Journal, since the newly established outsourcing custom fund this year, the development-oriented funds have been established mainly, but there are also “old version” outsourcing custom funds. Regardless of the format, this has directly led to a surge in data for the fund company using its own funds since the beginning of this year since the purchase of bond funds .

Analysis of the industry, the current public offering industry has returned to rational understanding of outsourcing business, and some companies have begun to choose "let go" this business. “The total scale of outsourcing fund in the industry is definitely declining. New product fundraising has returned to the state before it was not entrusted, and it needs to rely on marketing capabilities to raise funds.” Some industry sources said.

Outsourced Customs Debt-based Frequently Asked Questions

According to statistics, this year, various types of consolidated statistics, there have been 52 regular open-bond type initiated funds, and 60 funds of this type were established last year.

According to the new regulations issued last year, for single-institution holders' new funds (ie outsourcing custom funds), the proportion of funds held by a single investor is 50% or more, requiring closed operations or regular open operations (regular The opening period shall not be less than 3 months; and take the form of an initiating fund; it shall be fully disclosed and marked in the information disclosure document; it shall not be made public to individual investors; at the same time, the manager promises full and independent investment decisions. The right is not affected by the investors who are scheduled to invest .

Among the above 52 funds, 48 ??have subscribed for 2 households, 3 of them have subscribed for 3 households, and another has 4 households. According to the regulations, when a fund company establishes an initiating fund, it needs to use the funds of the company’s shareholder funds, company’s own funds, company’s senior management personnel, and fund managers, etc. to subscribe funds that are not less than 10 million yuan when the fund is raised. Less than 3 years. Based on the above data, the reporter found that more than 90% of the newly-established regular open-bond initiation-style outsourcing subcontracting funds this year are all products that are customized by a single institution. The subscribers come from outsourcing funds and funds from a certain institution. The manager has inherent funds.

The frequent opening of new types of bond-initiated outsourcing custom funds has led directly to the proliferation of self-purchasing activities by fund companies. The reporter found that out of the above 52 funds, 50 products were used by the fund companies to use the fund manager's own funds to purchase 10 million yuan; there were 2 products from the Xinyuan fund , and the fund companies used the fund to subscribe for funds. The manager’s intrinsic funds have been purchased by 2 million yuan, and the fund manager’s shareholder has purchased 8 million yuan.

According to statistics, as of April 25, this year, 52 fund companies had 97 self-purchase actions. The total amount of self-purchase was 1.405 billion yuan, regardless of the number of participating fund companies or the number and amount of self-purchase transactions. Far more than the same period last year. Among them, since the beginning of this year, only bond funds have been included, and the fund companies have purchased 949 million yuan.

The “old version” of the outsourcing custom fund has not disappeared.

Although the periodic opening of bond-type initiating funds has become the mainstream form of new outsourcing custom funds after the new regulations, the reporter found that the “old version” of outsourcing funds (ie non-initiative Funds) have not been "extinct".

In accordance with regulations, the new fund does not belong to a closed-end fund or an open-ended fund, and the supervisory level requires that the proportion of single holders should not exceed 50%. The reporter found that there was a fund that was established in February this year and raised just over 200 million shares. The fund manager used its own funds to subscribe for 100 million copies, which accounted for 49.92% of the total. The company’s employees subscribed to 8403.69 copies, accounting for 4%. “Although it seems that there are more than 300 households under the total number of households purchased, this product is obviously an outsourced custom fund. Except for the commissioned funds of one institution, the rest is funded by the fund company itself.” Industry sources told reporters.

According to the analysis of the industry insiders, this approach has both advantages and disadvantages for fund companies. If all the outsourcing products are non-initiated, general funds, and the fund companies cannot find a number of organizations to jointly “spell up” the establishment of For a new product, the cost of establishing a single-organization customized outsourcing product through the fund company’s self-purchase method is too high. If the 52 outsourced outsourcing funds established this year are established according to the above method, the self-purchasing amount that the fund company needs to spend is at least 10 times as much as before. "But the advantage is that the fund of the originator requires the holding period of the fund company to be no less than 3 years, but the general fund has no limit on the holding period. If any other institution can be 'finished' in the future, the fund company can redeem it. There are self-owned funds.”

The demand for outsourcing investment is still at

Regardless of the product form, the number of new outsourcing custom funds established this year has exceeded market expectations. According to an analyst from a fund company in South China, there are two main reasons for the increase in the number of outsourcing commissions for new issues: First, the bond market rebounded this year, and second, the demand for outsourcing organizations still exists. "However, the scale of the total outsourcing funds in the industry is still declining," he said.

Recently, an announcement of a regular open-initiated fund-issuing fund contract that did not become effective announced that the fund still failed to raise funds after nearly four months. It is reported that this is the second case of the failure of the regular opening of fund-raising after the outsourcing of the new regulations, and it is also the first case this year.

This reporter has learned that some fund companies that have made the company's scale increase rapidly with the help of outsourcing business in the past two years have decided not to focus on outsourcing operations. "The sale of funds is not as easy as when the funds are outsourced. Now it is necessary to raise funds through marketing capabilities," said the above sources.





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